Bjornfjell Mountain Lodge

Nordelvdalen 200, Alta

Experience a slice of serenity in the lofty peaks of Alta at the gorgeous Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge. Book a stay and enjoy an authentic Norwegian experience!

Looking for a cosy atmosphere in nature? Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge offers an opportunity to stay in a charming cabin surrounded by serene views. Immerse yourself in the authentic Norwegian cabin culture, which has its roots deeply embedded in the Arctic region. Located in the middle of the Alta mountains, this hotel is an Eco Certified property, placed in a location with very clean air. It is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for the northern lights. It is also perfect for skiers, hikers, families, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The lodge boasts a perfect air of sophistication, tranquillity, and coziness. Featuring a soothing interior with natural wooden embellishments, the accommodations provide a haven of Nordic culture. Choose from five charming room types (in total 15 rooms) or five rustic cabins at the lodge, each with charms. All rooms are adorned with warm tones and natural materials, providing an authentic rustic feel. Enjoy a stunning view of nature and a serene landscape from the comfort of your room. They also offer five private cabins, with 2 cabins having 2-6 beds and 3 cabins having 1-4 beds. All are fully equipped with a kitchen, loft, dining area, living area, and fireplace. 

Make unforgettable memories with your loved ones on a Polar Night Bonfire Trip! Unwind and rejuvenate amidst nature at the Wellness Lounge by indulging in the on-site sauna or jacuzzi. Treat your taste buds to traditional Norwegian cuisine while admiring the nature outside.


Nordelvdalen 200, Alta
Check-in time: 15:00
Check-out time: 12:00
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